Quality Construction



Efficiency catalyst is the installation quality


The photovoltaic is a long term investment and thus the correct way that should be considered from the investors of the specific market. For such an investment except the detailed choice of materials, e.g. PV modules, mounting systems and inverters is also very important the correct study of the project.
Only a proper study ensures durability and maximum profit from the investment.

A comprehensive study of a PV System is consisted from three levels, the autopsy of the project's position, the energy study and the electromechanical study.


  • With the project's position autopsy, informations are collected for the land's position and orientation to the south, the geological structure, the shading from environmental or constructed subjects and the correct choice of the position for the connection with the electrical grid. With area autopsy we can decide the positioning of the materials at the site, e.g. the sitting of the PV modules, in order to minimize losses from ground's morphology and other parameters.
  • With the data collected from the autopsy we proceed to the energy study of the PV site. The energy study made with sophisticated emulation software using metrological data and materials specifications for every specific project. So is accurately estimated the annual energy productivity of the project.
  • Lastly we proceed to the electromechanical study of the project. At that phase considering the project's demands and the European Regulations as far as it concern the choice of electrical equipment, the grounding and lightening system and safety measures at the site. Also, special attention is given to the robustness of the whole construction in mechanical stresses and environmental influences.


The construction quality of a PV project with high electric power production efficiency with safety and reliability for long term requires except a correct study also a high technical expertise and specialized personnel undertaking the required installation work.

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