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PV Parks – Large Scale Projects

Selecting Smart Power for the construction of a high efficiency project, simultaneously you invest to safer future.
SMART POWER undertakes the study, supply and installation of large scale PV systems with her own means and machinery without the necessity using subcontractors. With the customer's needs and inquires base, SMART POWER offers complete solutions covering the following categories:

1. Studies

Feasibility study
Implementation study
Energy optimization study, using the most accurate emulation software for PV systems

2. Civil Engineer/Topographic Studies

Topographic drawings
Earthworks for ground leveling
Concrete bases for mounting systems
Pole rimming
Substation's shed construction
Fence construction

3. PV Systems – Electrical Equipment

Basic PV Equipment (PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, cables)
AC/DC boards
Electrical borders
DC & AC cables routing
Complete grounding and lightning protection systems
Electrical Substations

4. Supplementary Equipment

Complete antitheft protection sysytems
Low consumption lighting system

5. Project Management, Construction Supervising, Installation, Start up Procedure

6. Maintenance, Monitoring

7. Financing solutions for "Large Scale Projects" all over Europe


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