Each photovoltaic station produces income to the owners for twenty years. To achieve maximum benefits the system should functioning seamlessly to maximum capability, considering that every daylight hour out of order means income loss. Especially this economical period the investor at "Renewable Energy Sources" feels the necessity of continuous smooth operation of the PV site and receiving expected production. Such an investment is linked inextricably with two parameters, maintenance and breakdown management and troubleshooting services.
Consequently, the facility's maintenance is a necessary and low cost investment comparing with the projects budget.
Smart Power established in the market of photovoltaic constructions during the long experience in the field, is in position to evaluate immediately the arising problems and solve them in the best and quickest way possible.
Our scope of work is to protect the investor – producer from possible future malfunctions at the site and consequently to money loses. For this specific reason Smart Power designs and offers basic maintenance schedules, in order to cover all investor's – producer's needs.

The maintenance schedule includes the following (complete or separately) services:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Monitoring facilities, production and efficiency of PV parks.
  • Immediate recovery of arising failures with technical support services.
  • Semester polishing of the whole equipment.
  • Mounting systems checking.
  • Semester lubricate in case of existence of moving parts.
  • Semester antirust protection.
  • Semester grass mowing if necessary.
  • Checking of the condition of the electrical connections and cabling for leakage problems etc.
  • Technical control and clamping wiring contacts of the central board, inverters and all electrical sub-boards.
  • Measurement of grounding system protection and its condition.
  • Inverter's parameters checking and software update.
  • Control of productivity capability of PV-modules.

Every investor who is choosing "Smart Power services" receives:

  • Income maximization from the optimum operation of his PV-station.
  • Productivity Incensement from the PV-modules surface polishing.
  • Immediate response in 24 hours maximum from our technical support team.
  • Monthly productivity monitoring and comparison with the maximum expected at the area.


Contact our Maintenance Department and ask for a "maintenance schedule" presentation from an expert of our team to be convinced of our capability and the importance of maintenance to your investment.

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