PV Cycle


PV Cycle

Participation of Smart Power at European Association PV CYCLE


SMART POWER constitutes one of the official recycle stations of the European Association "PV Cycle". Stakeholders have the ability to deposit their used photovoltaic panels for recycling at Smart Power, which is defined as a collection point. The hole procedure is out of charge, as the recycling procedure is entirely funded from the companies-partners of the Association. Thereafter the PV CYCLE association is responsible for the receipt of used photovoltaic panels from the collection points and the concentration of them to the association recycling centers, where takes place the dismantling and recycling of panels.

As collection point of used photovoltaic panels in Greece for PV Cycle association is defined Smart Power's warehouse in Thessaloniki, located at the following address:

8 Akadimou str. (Above ring road)
56224 Evosmos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Acceptable are all the photovoltaic panels constructed by affiliated manufacturers with PV Cycle association. For a detailed list of affiliated manufacturers click here.

For more informations about the PV panels recycling, please visit the following official site of PV CYCLE association:

Recycling up to 40 photovoltaic panels & Recycling more than 40 photovoltaic panels

For registration to recycling program and the disposal of your used photovoltaic modules to the collection point of Smart Power, please download and complete the Delivery Request Form

Brief description of PV CYCLE association:

PV CYCLE is a pan-European take-back and recycling scheme, offering dedicated photovoltaic (PV) waste management and compliance solutions in each of the European Union (EU) countries. The European Association PV CYCLE founded on July 2007 started out as a centralized, pan-European not-for-profit association. Today, PV CYCLE consists of numerous national representations that manage our daily operational business and play pivotal roles in representing our members at the national level. PV CYCLE has been operational since June 2010 and has collected and treated several thousand tonnes of discarded PV modules since then. Having been the first in the industry to offer collective take-back and recycling solutions, PV CYCLE set the standard with its own ambitious collection and recycling targets. Today, PV CYCLE is the clear leader in the waste and compliance management of PV modules.

For informations about PV Cycle program you can visit the official page of the association www.pvcycle.org

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